Our Process


gg-tnail01Bringing you pure Artesian Water is a simple process:

  1. Water is pumped from artesian well
  2. Water is filtered for sediment
  3. Water is run through UV light to eliminate microbes
  4. Bottles are rinsed and sanitized
  5. Bottles are filled, capped, and labeled
  6. Full bottles are packaged

Orders are assembled and shipped or ready for pickup.

Controlling Quality

You can be confident that GREAT GLACIER Artesian Water is pure because the company has developed a rigorous quality control program. Neenah Springs modern facility is equipped to bottle its artesian water in pressurized rooms with electronically filtered air.

The water is tested annually by the National Sanitation Foundation in Michigan to make sure it exceeds all standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency. And, Neenah Springs also tests its water hourly, ensuring maximum purity and best taste.