GG-weblogo-LGAt Neenah Springs, Inc, our commitment is to deliver a pure and fresh product in a responsible and responsive manner.

Established in 1983 in the small town of Oxford, Wisconsin, Neenah Springs Inc. bottles artesian water. “Neenah” is the word for “water” used by the Winnebago tribe.

This family-owned business, situated 35 miles northeast of Baraboo Bluffs, is where the great glaciers stood 12,000 years ago. Far from any industrial or manufacturing plants, its rural location is naturally protected. Neenah Springs Artesian Water is as pure and fresh-tasting as nature intended it to be.

Its clean, crisp taste makes Neenah Springs Artesian Water perfect not only for drinking, but also for making coffee, tea, and mixed drinks. Neenah Springs Artesian Water also is kind to plants and animals.

Our goal is to make purchasing Neenah Springs Artesian Water as convenient as possible for you. We are confident you will enjoy the clear, crisp taste of Neenah Springs Artesian Water. Its freshness and purity provides you with a splash of good health!

Neenah Springs, Inc, is owned and operated by Tom Rogers, a charter member of the Environmental Protection Agency.